LeDoux Industries, Inc, an Agent for Green Wave Energy Corp, proudly distributes Green Wave’s cutting-edge alternative energy products.  Their unique line of ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SOLUTIONS includes systems that produce a continuous supply of power when disconnected from the grid – due to remoteness or emergencies, and utilize alternative energy sources for power and energy conservation.  We also develop large-scale products for energy generation, including wind farms and ocean wave generation.  We will be pleased to perform an energy audit on your home or business to determine the best way to conserve energy and incorporate alternative energy solutions.  Implementing the solutions indicated by the audit usually nets at least a 20% savings for our customers.

Our ALTERNATIVE ENERGY PRODUCTS target the following types of customers:

  • Government and military agencies, disaster-relief agencies, and municipal agencies
  • Real estate developers that seek to utilize alternative energy sources in subdivisions, marinas, shopping centers, commercial centers and save money both on infrastructure and energy consumption
  • Property owners with coastal sites that seek to generate power as a profit-making venture and to become self-sufficient
  • Investors that understand the alternative energy marketplace and are looking for joint ventures in power generation
  • Remote landowners seeking to provide their own source of green power without using generators or other devices that require gas or other fossil fuels

Alternative Energy Division
Laura LeDoux
Direct Phone: (714) 470-6782
Fax: (888) 628-4615

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