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The Green Wave Zero Impact Water Current Turbine is a water current turbine that will revolutionize power generation as we know it. The Zero Impact Water Current Turbine will:

  • Generate 5KW of power in a constant 5 mph current.
  • Generate power at current speeds as low as 2 mph and as high as 10 mph.
  • Generate power using current from two directions – so can be used as both a river and tide current generator.
  • Require only four feet of stream, river or ocean water to operate.
  • Not be affected by debris flows caused by storms or floods.
  • Not require any special structures – can be attached to bridge or pier pilings; or existing canal or lock walls; or built right into dock systems.
  • Be stackable – one on top of the other – depending on the depth of the water.
  • Generate 5KW of power while occupying less than 100 cubic feet of space.
  • Cost only $35,000 per unit installed; has a fast payback (less than 4 years); and can be quickly replaced (complete replacement in as little as 2 hours).
  • Be deployable as power plants – along bridges and canals, and in dock systems!
  • Face automatically into any current – ocean or fresh water -- to generate more power than other turbines.
  • Have maintenance costs that are extremely low compared to other turbines.
  • React safely and effectively in response to sudden and powerful current changes. No blade warping; no breaking or breakdown as with other turbines.
  • Not harm fish or marine mammals.
  • Not cause any significant change in current speed or flow – indeed the current flow behind the turbine will almost always match the speed of the current surrounding the turbine
  • Be silent: no known auditory or related side effects to humans or wild life. In fact, most people will not be able to tell the turbines are present, even if people are standing right above them.
  • Have a design ideal for use in cities, subdivisions, residential areas, and even backyard streams.
  • Be easily transported and even installed temporarily for emergencies and natural disasters.

The Green Wave Zero Impact Water Current Turbine (estimated 5KW of power in 5 mph current) is in prototype testing and will soon be available for field testing.