alternative energy products

The Green Wave Windsock wind turbine, which is still in its development stage, will lead the way in commercial wind production. It will be a key component in LeDoux Industries’ solar/wind farm environmentally friendly, energy production facility that eliminates dependence on fossil fuels in a quiet, safe, and efficient way.

The Green Wave Windsock Wind Turbine  is a patented hybrid wind turbine that combines the best of both traditional horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWTS) and vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTS). The Windsock:

  • Is not affected by turbulence or wind drag
  • Does not require a tower, equipment can be sited and maintained at roof or ground level
  • Can actually be stacked – one on top of the other – as many as six units high
  • Can be built to a scale that fits almost any application
  • Generates power at low wind speed (2-3 mph), while other wind turbines do not
  • Generates a good amount of power while occupying a small space
  • Costs only a fraction of the cost of other turbines; is inexpensive to build; has a fast payback; and can be quickly replaced
  • Faces automatically into the wind to generate more power than other turbines
  • Maintenance costs are extremely low compared to HAWTs and other VAWTs
  • Reacts safely and effectively in response to sudden and powerful wind gusts.  No blade warping; no breaking or breakdown as with other turbines
  • No high rpm blades as with a HAWT-- does not harm birds or wild life or cause scenic pollution
  • Is silent: no “hum” and no known auditory or related side effects to humans or wild life
  • Has a design ideal for use in cities, subdivisions, residential areas, and even backyards
  • Is compact (except large industrial applications); and can be easily transported