alternative energy products

World Power System™ – The Green Wave Solar-Wind World Power System™ is completely self-sufficient – powered by both solar and wind energy, supported by an energy storage system, that can be installed – and will work – just about anywhere.  We have systems that can provide between 150 kwh and 1500 kwh of power per month.  Our systems are fully customizable and can be grid-tied, or grid-independent.  Contact us for your customized solution.

Components Making Up the Basic System – NOT Grid Tied

  • Solar System
    • 80-watt solar panels
    • Morningstar Sunlight 20 charge controller to automatically control lighting
  • Wind System
    • Green Wave revolutionary 4' x4' Windsock™ wind turbine rated at 24.6 mph (11/ms)
  • Inverter
    • Provides 1000 watts of continuous power with up to 2500 watts of maximum power
    • 12V nominal (10-15V) DC; Output 115V AC
    • Runs and charges computers, cell phones, heaters, hot plates, small appliances
  • Batteries
    • Deep cycle, water resistant, cold cranking amp batteries which can provide up to 100 watts of power at 24 V for 96 hours when fully charged