Capability Statement

Since 1991, LeDoux Industries, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), has become a leader in solving our clients’ storage equipment and manufacturing area needs, consulting with both private industry and government agencies on production and warehouse efficiency and space utilization.

Our success is based on our proactive and interactive discussions with our clients, so that they are more aware of how alternatives could provide increased efficiency, and to ensure the correct solution is achieved.  A majority of our business comes from our returning satisfied customers.

LeDoux Industries excels at building relationships, asking the right questions, and providing quality products and services on schedule and at a reasonable price.


238290   Installation of materials handling equipment, conveyors, modular furniture, office furniture, systems, panels, partitions, shelving

332323   Ladders
332439   Hoppers
332618   Shelving, all types
332999   Ladders, Selective Pallet Rack Systems, Rack Fixtures
333924   Pallet Jacks
337215   Lockers and Pallet Rack, Cafeteria Fixtures
423830   Industrial Machine & Equipment Wholesale Supplies, materials handling machinery and equipment merchant wholesalers
423840   Industrial Supplies Merchant
493110   General Warehousing and Storage
493120   Refrigerated Warehousing and Storage
493130   Farm Products Warehousing and Storage
493190   Other Warehousing and Storage


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